Most of the deliberation, decision-making, and project work at CARL occurs in the context of CARL’s strategic committees. CARL committees are advisory to or act under the authority of the CARL Board of Directors, and regularly report to the Board and membership.

There are currently four committees, each broadly mandated to advance one of CARL’s four current strategic directions (advancing research, strengthening capacity, measuring impact and influencing policy). Each CARL library director is normally a member of one of these committees, according to their own interests.

From time to time, the Board or the strategic committees will strike subcommittees or working groups to give greater focus to a given area of concern or to a project.

It should be noted that CARL committees, subcommittees and working groups are open to non-directors—most frequently Associate University Librarians or subject experts—as contributing members, subject to the approval of the committee chair and the person’s own library director. Since much of the committee discussion will occur by teleconference and e-mail, the costs of participation will generally be low; the costs of participation in in-person meetings, however, when these take place during the spring and fall CARL meetings, will normally be borne by the member library.

CARL Committee Guidelines

Current Strategic Committees

Active Committees as of March 2024