Advancing Teaching and Learning Committee

Mandate and Role

The Teaching and Learning Committee aims to advance strategic areas and core principle(s) outlined in CARL’S Strategic Focus 2022-2025 and the institutional academic mission by:

  • Articulating the strategic role of research libraries in supporting the delivery of education (both teaching and learning);
  • Working collectively to develop and implement a pan-Canadian framework to support essential student, faculty and researcher literacies (digital skills, information literacy, maker literacy, science literacy, data literacy, open educational practices);
  • Pursuing strategic partnerships and innovative, scalable opportunities to promote equity as it pertains to student and faculty access to information and ways of knowing, potentially including:
    • Promoting greater access to learning materials, whether through open educational resources, more affordable e-textbook licensing and pricing, controlled digital lending, etc.;
    • Guiding the implementation of Marrakesh treaty outcomes and promoting greater accessibility;
    • Partnering in Indigenizing and decolonizing curriculum content and delivery;
    • Optimizing library use of learning technologies (LMS, AI applications, CDL) and optimal user experience;
  • Partnering in initiatives to enhance student academic success in CARL institutions including student mental health and wellness.

Read the ATLC-Terms-of-Reference-Mandat-CAEA-2022

Members (as of September 2023)

  • Amber Lannon (Carleton University) – Chair
  • Lesley Balcom (University of New Brunswick)
  • Dianne Cmor (Concordia University)
  • Amanda Etches (University of Guelph)
  • Navroop Gill (University of Toronto)
  • Sheril Hook (York University)
  • Dominique Lapierre (Université Laval)
  • Nicole Nolan (Brock University)
  • Mark Robertson (Toronto Metropolitan University)
  • Brett Waytuck (University of Regina)
  • Susan Haigh (CARL, ex-officio)

CARL Liaison and Committee Secretary

Position to be filled

Active Sub-Groups of this Committee