Policy and Advocacy Committee

Research libraries flourish in an environment that facilitates the generation, sharing, and management of scholarly information. Such an environment is achieved through supportive laws, infrastructure, institutions, community and international engagement, and sound public policy.

Mandate and Role

The Policy and Advocacy Committee aims to advance strategic areas and core principle(s) outlined in CARL’S Strategic Focus 2022-2025 and to define CARL public policy and advocacy positions directed primarily towards the federal government

Read the complete Terms of Reference of this committee.


  • Susan Parker, Chair (University of British Columbia)
  • Larry Alford (University of Toronto)
  • Jasmine Bouchard (Library & Archives Canada)
  • Katherine Klosek (liaison, Association of Research Libraries)
  • Lisa O’Hara (University of Manitoba)
  • Victoria Owen (University of Toronto / CARL visiting program officer)
  • Catherine Steeves (Western University)
  • Amanda Wakaruk (University of Alberta / CARL visiting program officer)
  • Rowena Johnson (University of Calgary / CARL visiting program officer)
  • Brett Waytuck (University of Regina), ex-officio
  • Susan Haigh (CARL), ex-officio

CARL Liaison and Committee Secretary