Policy Committee

Research libraries flourish in an environment that facilitates the generation, sharing, and management of scholarly information. Such an environment is achieved through supportive laws, infrastructure, institutions, community and international engagement, and sound public policy.

Mandate and Role

The Policy Committee develops CARL’s position on relevant national and international public policy issues, and ensures appropriate activities to promote its positions among policy-makers and stakeholders.  It also guides CARL’s national and international engagements with library and other like-minded organizations.

Read the complete Terms of Reference of this committee.


  • Susan Parker, Chair (University of British Columbia)
  • Larry Alford (University of Toronto)
  • Jasmine Bouchard (Library & Archives Canada)
  • Pascal Calarco (University of Windsor / CARL VPO)
  • Amber Lannon (Carleton University)
  • Vivian Lewis (McMaster University) – Ex officio
  • Victoria Owen (University of Toronto / CARL VPO)

CARL Liaison and Committee Secretary

Katherine McColgan, Manager, Administration and Programs
613.482.9344 x102