Inventory of Canadian Repository Platforms

The Next Generation Repository Task Group (NGRTG), a subgroup of the CARL Open Repositories Working Group (ORWG), has identified the need for an accurate, community-updated inventory of repositories across Canada. 

This is informed following a NGRTG study of a variety of data sources for repositories available online which were found to lack sufficient, timely, and up-to-date information. 

ORWG imagines that having such an inventory available more broadly may be helpful in encouraging community conversations around next generation repository infrastructure, including making a case for the upgrading of software, finding colleagues who may offer helpful advice, and promoting connections between repository managers and developers to inform testing and further development. It will also support institutional and national planning efforts to invest in repository infrastructure by providing an up-to-date picture of the repository infrastructure landscape in Canada.

This initiative will engage Canadian repository managers to verify and update their repository information on behalf of their respective institutions once per year in the following spreadsheet:

  • This spreadsheet will remain openly editable in “suggestions” mode to the community;
  • Snapshots of the spreadsheet will be taken annually in December and will be deposited into the Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR).

This project will be reviewed in spring 2022 to assess the data collection process and value of this activity for CARL and the community.