Diversity and Inclusion Survey

Why is CARL conducting a Diversity and Inclusion Survey?

We are conducting this study to gather baseline data on the composition of personnel in CARL libraries, gauge employee feedback on current EDI initiatives, and establish a set of benchmarks against which to evaluate and measure the impact of CARL libraries’ strategies and practices with respect to diversity and inclusion. CARL aims to measure progress through the conduct of the same or a comparable study in 3-5 years time.

How will the Diversity and Inclusion Survey results be used?

By collecting this data, we can better understand the lived experiences of the research library workforce in order to promote diversity and foster inclusive, safe, accessible, equitable, and respectful workplaces.

This data will also help us to develop or improve specific programs, policies, and practices that support all members of the CARL community and establish objective, evidence-based, data-driven insights to structure national and institutional diversity and inclusion action plans.

What is the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI)?

CCDI, an external organization CARL has partnered with, is a made-in-Canada solution designed to help employers and Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) practitioners and professionals effectively address the full picture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and human rights within the workplace. They use a standardized survey instrument and data collection tool, and have conducted the survey with over 100 organizations.

What kinds of questions will be included in the survey?

The study consists of two modules: a diversity census and an inclusion survey. The diversity census is made up of multiple-choice questions on workplace demographics (including length of employment, institution, and location) and 13 personal demographics (including race, disability status and accommodation, gender, and sexual orientation). The inclusion survey consists of 13 Likert-scale questions measuring perceptions of inclusion among employees as well as one open-ended question at the end to capture any additional comments.

All questions will include a ‘prefer not to answer’ option except for one anchor question about primary role.

How long will the survey take to complete?

The entire survey should only take about 15-20 mins to complete.

When is this initiative being conducted and who will be invited to participate?

All 31 CARL member libraries are invited to participate, and all employees from participating member libraries (excluding students) will be invited to complete the survey. Potential respondents will receive an email from CCDI’s Data Collection Tool© with a secure unique link to access to the online survey.

The survey is currently slated to launch on October 7 and close on October 27, 2021. The results would then be validated in January 2022.

Why should I participate?

The information gathered will allow CCDI to provide us with baseline data on the composition of personnel in CARL Libraries and identify potential areas of improvement in our workplaces. Although the survey is completely voluntary, the greater the response rate, the more accurate this picture will be. As such, we greatly encourage your participation in the study and ask you to respond as candidly as possible.

Is the Diversity and Inclusion Survey confidential and how will my privacy be protected?

The information you provide will be kept strictly confidential. Your responses will be encrypted, stored with CCDI, and handled in accordance with Canadian privacy legislation.

For reporting purposes, collected responses are anonymized and aggregated such that specific responses can never be matched to an individual participant.  All categories in the survey must include responses from a minimum of 5 employees to be included in the report.

The only members of the CARL team that will have access to the anonymized aggregated data within CCDI’s data collection tool are Susan Haigh, CARL Executive Director, Maha Kumaran, CARL Visiting Program Officer for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and Julie Morin, CARL Program Officer.

CARL and your library will never have access to personally identifying information and you are the only person who can see your individual responses. At no time will any person from CARL, your library, or the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion be able to see how any one individual has responded to questions.

Has this survey received ethics approval?

Some member libraries have received ethics exemptions based on the definition of research under the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (2018).  They have confirmed that this survey would qualify as program evaluation for improvement purposes, which does not fall within the scope of Research Ethics Board review according to article 2.5. However, each institution’s REB culture is unique and full ethics review may be conducted at some institutions.