Influence Policy

CARL is committed to public policies that foster research and innovation.

CARL is a national voice for the interests of the academic community and its libraries in a balanced and fair approach to copyright, and on other information policy issues including access to information, privacy, intellectual freedom, and open government. In this role, CARL collaborates with other organizations across the culture and research sectors, as well as with the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), and other international associations.

Strategic goals include:

  • Represent the interests of Canadian research libraries in the information policy arena, especially at the federal level, with particular focus in the areas of copyright, privacy, and research infrastructure that leads to broad access and sound management of Canada’s information assets.
  • Strengthen and mobilize national initiatives across the library and research sectors to advance common policy objectives including but not limited to preservation and access to Canada’s documentary heritage; and sustainable and more open access to scholarly information resources; and open government.
  • Engage with multiple organizations to foster national and international collaborations.

We achieve these goals through the work of the Policy Committee.

For more information on CARL’s work, responses to national consultations, and other reports, consult CARL’s Publications and Documents section of the website.