ARL-CARL Task Force on Marrakesh Treaty Implementation


The joint ARL-CARL Task Force on Marrakesh Implementation advises the Associations on approaches to the implementation of articles of the Marrakesh Treaty that facilitate access to published works for persons who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise print disabled.


The Task Force is charged with:

  • Identifying and recommending the resources needed for CARL and ARL members to implement the terms of the Marrakesh Treaty and to fulfil its promise of improving access and facilitating the cross border exchange of works for people with print disabilities,
  • Designing and undertaking a pilot project with a small, international group of libraries, to test the recommended approach to implementing the treaty,
  • Recommending further steps to resolve issues revealed by the pilot and broaden implementation.


  • The Task Force shall be chaired by Victoria Owen, who will be a part-time joint ARL-CARL Visiting Program Officer for this initiative.
  • The Task Force is composed of 6 to 9 members, who are ARL and CARL directors and library staff with demonstrated interest and expertise in metadata standards, resource discovery, alternate formats, accessibility, and project management.
  • The Task Force will be advised on legal matters by Jonathan Band.
  • A director from each of the CARL Policy Committee and the ARL Advocacy and Public Policy Committee will be sought to act as liaison to those committees.


  • The Task Force chair serves a one-year term or until a replacement is found in the case of a vacancy.
  • Task Force members serve a one-year term renewable at the conclusion of years one and two.
  • The VPO will liaise with IFLA and other international initiatives related to Marrakesh Treaty implementation as appropriate.
  • A staff member from ARL and CARL will serve on the Task Force, and will provide agendas and notes on an alternating basis.


The committee will set a regular virtual meeting schedule (e.g., monthly) to conduct the work of its charge. It will report to the sponsoring committees during their respective twice-annual Association meetings.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Advises and assists the associations in program development and implementation;
  • Works with the respective policy committees’ staff leads to establish annual program plan objectives and goals;
  • Contributes to Board and member updates on program plan outcomes and impact.


The Task Force makes recommendations to the associations’ respective Policy committees.

Code of Conduct

The Task Force adheres to the ARL and CARL Codes of Conduct in all its deliberations and activities.