2018 review of the Copyright Act

During and in the lead-up to the 2018 statutory review of Canada’s Copyright Act, CARL has been defending fair dealing and advocating for other aspects of copyright that benefit researchers and research libraries.

CARL contributions to the review:

Portage Brief to the INDU Committee on Text and Data Mining (2018)

CARL’s Opening Remarks to the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Trade (2018)

CARL brief to the INDU Committee as Part of the Review of the Copyright Act (2018) (2018)

Memo to INDU: Fair Dealing/Use: How Canada fits internationally (2018)

Memo to INDU: A Guide to Canadian Research Libraries’ Spending on Content (2018)

CARL Response to Outcomes of the Review:

CARL Statement on the INDU Report on the Copyright Act (2019)

Related documents:

[Website] Fair Dealing Canada (2018)

Fair Dealing in Canada: Myths and Facts (2017)

CARL Statement on Fair Dealing and Copyright (2016)

CARL’s letter on educational fair dealing (2015)