Open Government

Increasingly, governments seek to broaden access to the information resources (whether publications, records, or data) they generate, or that they fund. This allows these resources to have broader impact within society, ensures transparency and accountability, and strengthens citizen engagement in the actions of government and in the democratic process.

From CARL’s perspective, easy, timely and open access to government information and publicly funded research is of inestimable value for students, educators and researchers alike. Open science, for example, accelerates scientific discovery, enables international collaboration and coordination, and ultimately supports economic prosperity.

CARL therefore supports Canada’s involvement in the global open government movement through the Government of Canada’s membership, since 2012, in the Open Government Partnership. Canada’s commitments to open government have been expressed in two Action Plans so far, and our country’s progress on achieving these plans is monitored, reported publicly, and independently assessed.

CARL has provided input and commentary during the formulation of these Action Plans, and has likewise been consulted during their independent assessment.

Current Initiatives