Personal information protection is a core value of the library community and as the world embraces digital and online communication, information sharing, and use, the ability to protect user information while supporting a user’s experience online has become very complex to balance.

CARL engages in advocacy efforts to advance privacy legislation and the protection of personal data through ongoing dialogue with key stakeholders and policy makers.

CARL Initiatives

CARL Brief on Modernizing Privacy in Ontario (2021)

CARL’s brief to the Ontario Government’s consultation Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI) Framework. (2021)

CARL Submission to the Department of Justice’s Public Consultations: Modernizing Canada’s Privacy Act (2021)

CARL Submission to the Ontario Government Consultation: Strengthening Privacy Protections in Ontario (2020)

CARL Submission to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s Consultation on the OPC’s Proposals for ensuring appropriate regulation of artificial intelligence (2020)