@Risk North

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@Risk North (Collections en péril)
Leveraging shared resources & expertise to preserve print research collections

November 10, 2017 (8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)
Library & Archives Canada
395 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N4

There will be presentations in both French and English. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

Registration: $125 (waived for presenters and CARL or CRL library directors — or their designate)

As libraries witness increasing demand for online resources and dwindling circulation of print holdings, and at the same time confront budget and space pressures, it can be challenging to remain committed to sustaining academic libraries’ print collections. Cooperative approaches to acquiring, storing, and managing the reduction of print collections are gaining traction as libraries seek to share the expense and responsibility with others. With the creation of such programs come new questions: What are libraries’ responsibilities towards safeguarding our domestic imprint, and towards the global research content we have been collecting for decades? What is a reasonable framework for defining how many and which copies are retained? What shared print models are proving most effective?

@Risk North, inspired by the Center for Research Libraries’ 2016 original @Risk meeting held in Chicago in April 2016, will give attendees an opportunity to discuss at a strategic level the state of shared print preservation programs in Canada and beyond, in a setting that is meant to push these conversations forward and identify clear next steps. Speakers will describe and assess notable shared repositories in the US and elsewhere, the status of existing Canadian shared repository initiatives, and the possibilities emerging for a robust and rational shared print infrastructure in Canada.

We welcome attendees from both CARL and non-CARL institutions for this event, which is intended for library directors as well as those with responsibility for print collections in their institutions.

Organizing Committee / Comité organisateur :
Gwen Bird (Simon Fraser University)
Lise Brin and Susan Haigh (CARL)
Monica Fuijkschot and Alison Bullock (Library & Archives Canada)
Steve Marks and Caitlin Tillman (University of Toronto)
Bernard F. Reilly (Center for Research Libraries)