Recordings and Presentation Slides

Slides for all presentations are available below. Recordings (audio with slides) will be posted once they are available.

Constance Malpas — Approaching the Long-Term Preservation of Print Documentation: A Current Overview of International Models, Challenges and Opportunities

  • Slides (PDF)
  • Recording (mp4) – Please note that the first three minutes of the presentation are in French while the rest is in English.

Bernard F. Reilly@Risk and National Coordinated Efforts in Print Preservation in the United States

Monica Fuijkschot —  State of the Ark: LAC initiatives supporting print preservation

Maureen Clapperton — National heritage collections: the case of BAnQ

Scott GilliesTUG Libraries Last Copy: Collections, Joint Storage & Preservation

Doug BrighamCOPPUL Shared Print Archive (SPAN)

Caitlin Tillman & Steve MarksKeep@Downsview: Western, McMaster, Toronto, Queen’s, uOttawa

Alan Darnell —  eBooks Preservation at Scholars Portal