CARL Canadian Repositories Community of Practice Event – DSpace 7: How’s it going?

CARL Canadian Repositories Community of Practice Event – DSpace 7: How’s it going?

Date: September 27
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM ET

The race to migrate to DSpace 7 has been keenly felt by many academic institutions with institutional repositories across Canada. DSpace 7 presents a steep learning curve for institutional repository managers and developers, due to extensive changes to the User Interface and new backend features.

For this event, we invite institutional repository managers and developers to discuss the opportunities and challenges faced when migrating to DSpace 7 through five-minute presentations. What’s going well? What’s really not working? What have you had to change? Presentations can be very informal – problems, solutions, calls for help and commiseration are all welcome!

Event Registration

Additionally, we ask that all participants interested in providing an informal presentation during this event also add their name and presentation topic in the shared event document linked below. Regardless of where you are in your DSpace 7 migration, we invite you to share feedback, provide advice, and learn from others facing similar DSpace challenges. We welcome presentations in English or French.

Sign-up for Presenters

Please note that you are not required to present in order to participate in this event. All are welcome!

About the Steering Committee:
The CARL Canadian Repositories Community of Practice Steering Committee, established in April 2023, seeks to bring librarians supporting institutional repositories together so we can support each other, share resources, and build community. Members Include:

      • Pascal Calarco, University of Windsor (co-chair) 
      • Emily Hopkins, University of Saskatchewan (co-chair) 
      • Priscilla Carmini, York University 
      • Robyn Hall, MacEwan University 
      • Tim Ribaric, Brock University 
      • Nailisa Tanner, Memorial University of Newfoundland