CARL Webinar: To be In Sync or Out of Sync: Considerations for Switching from LibQUAL+® to the Insync Survey

When: Monday, April 20, 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET
Please note that this event is open to all (not just CARL institutions).

The CARL Assessment Committee’s Continuing Education Working Group is pleased to host the following free webinar, adapted from a workshop held at the 2019 Canadian Library Assessment Workshop.

Trying to figure out the needs of our users is a never-ending quest for academic libraries. In 2018-19, two Canadian university libraries made the decision to administer the Australian Insync survey. The main purpose of the Insync survey is to give students, staff, and faculty the opportunity to state how well they believe the Library performs in relation to what they think is important. The survey focuses on performance and importance specifically related to communication, service delivery, facilities & equipment, information resources, and overall satisfaction. The strength of Insync’s more streamlined question structure outweighed the possible disadvantages of longitudinal and benchmarking data loss. Now that Carleton and Dalhousie are well into interpreting results reports and analyzing raw data, they are fully realizing the challenges and benefits of conducting the Insync survey. The experience of these two institutions should help to guide other institutions who are either just starting to think about conducting a survey or who are considering “making the switch” from LibQUAL+® to Insync.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Attendees will acquire knowledge of the content and structure of the Insync Library Client Survey and will be able to apply a list of pros and cons of switching to Insync from LibQUAL+® for their own institution.
  • By learning from peer experience, they will be able to anticipate the amount of work involved with interpreting reports and analyzing raw data as well as the sorts of findings and potential follow-up actions that arise from the results.
  • These outcomes will enable attendees to make a recommendation to switch or not to switch to the Insync survey or other alternatives at their own academic libraries.

Presenter Bios
Laura Newton Miller has worked at Carleton University for the past 16 ½ years and has held various roles related to assessment since 2012- working in the areas of collections, space, service, and planning. For the past couple years she has also taken on a lead role heading up Collection Development. Laura’s recent research includes work on strategic planning in academic libraries, and she has papers written on the topic in EBLIP journal and Library Leadership & Management journal. She is an enthusiastic advocate for evidence based library and information practice.

Linda Bedwell is the Coordinator of Assessment at Dalhousie University Libraries. Analyzing LibQUAL+® data was one of her first tasks as a new librarian in 2005 and she has been hooked on library assessment ever since. She has led numerous library assessment projects, used various methods (space assessments using ethnographic methods is her favourite), and was the Coordinator for LibQual Canada in 2013. She has shared her assessment experiences at various conferences and webinars, and has published in the Partnership Journal.

NOTE: Although speakers will be presenting in English, meeting materials will be provided in both official languages. A recording of the webinar will also be posted after the event.

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Morin, Program Officer at CARL ().