Edit-a-Thon Invitation – Open Education Leadership Essentials Materials

In January 2020, the CARL Open Education Working Group (OEWG) held a two-day in-person Open Education Leadership Essentials training event. This event brought together academic librarians from across Canada and gave them the opportunity to build their open education leadership skills.

The OEWG has taken the materials from this in-person event and created the Open Education Leadership Essentials Workshop-in-a-Box (OeLE WIAB). These materials will eventually be released under a Creative Commons licence. This will allow members of the open education community to use the OeLE WIAB resources to run similar in-person or online training events.

On April 20th, 2022 from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm EDT, the OEWG will hold an Edit-a-thon to provide individuals outside of the CARL OEWG with the opportunity to review and help improve the draft English-language version of the OeLE WIAB. Once the draft English materials are finalized, they will be translated into French.

Please join us for this interactive event. We would love to have open education enthusiasts from across Canada review the materials and help us improve the content.

Important information:

  • Participants will be assigned a specific section to review.
  • You will be asked to do 2 to 3 hours of pre-work before the event starts (i.e. review your assigned section and fill out a rubric)
  • Participants will receive a credit in the OEWG WIAB materials as a peer reviewer and a certificate of completion

Register for the event now! Please also fill out this Google Form to indicate what content you would prefer to review: OeLE WIAB Edit-a-thon (google form). You will receive the event’s Zoom link and links to your assigned section’s content and rubric by Monday, April 6th.

OeLE Editathon 2022 Slides