Making Repository Workflows Work: Two-part Series

CARL’s Open Repositories Working Group’s Task Group on Community Building, Engagement, and Outreach is pleased to present a two-part series for the Canadian repository community on repository workflows. How do you get things into your repository? Are there any special tools, processes for depositing materials? How do you handle permissions checking? This will be a great opportunity to share what you have implemented and learn more about what your colleagues are doing.

This two-part series includes: Demo Presentation and Q&A 
January 25, 12 – 1 pm ET – Register here

This event will include a screening of the presentation by Joe McArthur (OA.Works) and Leila Sterman (Montana State University) delivered at the 2021 Southern Miss Institutional Repository Conference. Following the screening there will be a Q&A with Joe McArthur, the Director and Co-founder of OA.Works, the group behind

The open source Shareyourpaper tool aims to enable authors to achieve green open access for their works by entering the DOI for their published article, and (if the journal policy allows) uploading the appropriate version of their paper to make it immediately openly available. This session presents the integration available through Shareyourpaper to facilitate mediated deposit into your repository via your institutional website. This recorded presentation discusses Montana State University’s efforts in building, testing and use of, the strategy and tech behind the work, how makes compliance with publisher’s policies easy, the results of implementation, and how other libraries can implement the same process locally. [Note that this description has been adapted from the Southern Miss Repository Conference presentation description.]

Repository Workflows: Community Call
February 8, 12 pm ET – Register here

Want to learn how other Canadian repositories handle their ingestion and deposit workflows? How do you handle issues like quality control, outreach, copyright clearance and publisher policy compliance? This community call will include brief presentations by two repository managers/librarians about their institutions’ workflows. This will be followed by an open forum in which participants can share their own workflows and discuss with their colleagues, ask questions, and discuss various permissions tools currently available to repositories.