Bibliometrics and Research Impact Canadian Community of Practice March Community Call

Date: March 22, 2023
Time: 1:00-2:30 p.m. ET

We invite those across Canada interested in bibliometrics and research impact indicators, including those who are just curious or who work outside of libraries, to join this month’s call of the Canadian Bibliometrics and Research Impact (BRI) Community of Practice. Although our simple agenda of getting folks talking, connecting, and building collaborations hasn’t changed, this call will be the first to host two informal presentations from our community members. The goal is to get us inspired and stimulated discussion through interactive presentations on topics that interest this community.

While this month’s discussion will be primarily in English, bilingual moderators will be on hand to help ensure participants are able to contribute in the official language of their choice.

Presentation 1 – Research ID and Impact: An Introduction

Heather Ganshorn, Librarian, Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, and Christie Hurrell, Associate Librarian, Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary

Are you new to the bibliometrics and research impact area, or just beginning to expand your instruction and consultation services into this area? Get oriented to some of the basic topics, tools, and concepts in this field. You’ll build skills to help you take charge of your own online identity and track your research impact, as well as teach these skills to others.

Presentation 2 – Who is Responsible for Responsible Use of Metrics?

Heather Cunningham, Assistant Director, Research & Innovation Services, Gerstein Science Information Centre, University of Toronto

Responsible use of metrics is a theme blended into Research Metrics and Impact workshops I have delivered, mostly to graduate students and other early career researchers. Upon reflection, a more apt description may be “responsible perception” of metrics, as the individual graduate students and faculty members, are not the prime “users” of these metrics. There are many discussions in academia about responsible use of metrics, but how effective are these discussions and workshops when the rewards systems, “users” and individual researchers are disconnected? Come join a discussion about the challenges of teaching research metrics and qualitative impact indicators.

Moderator: Farah Frisen, Research & Strategy Associate, University Health Network

Community Calls are organized by the CARL Canadian BRI Community of Practice Steering Committee:

  • Philippe Boisvert, Université Laval
  • Laura Bredahl, University of Waterloo
  • Christine Brodeur, National Research Council Canada / Conseil national de recherches Canada
  • Thane Chambers, University of Alberta
  • Rachel Couban, McMaster University
  • Monique Grenier, University of Victoria
  • Mindy Thuna, University of Toronto