ARL, CARL, and Ithaka S+R Release Issue Brief on Redressing Relationships with Historically Marginalized Communities

August 22, 2023. – The Association of Research Libraries (ARL), the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL), and Ithaka S+R have published an issue brief: “Redressing Relationships with the Historically Marginalized.

In 2022, ARL, CARL, and Ithaka S+R published a report about how research libraries could best align with the strategic directions of their parent institutions. The study drew on interviews with more than 60 research university leaders, such as presidents, provosts, and senior research officers. It found that there were meaningful distinctions in the strategic directions institutions were pursuing—and that, as a result, efforts to align the library with the parent institution required a nuanced understanding of the institutional context. That said, the report also identified several common strategic directions across many research institutions. This issue brief explores one of those strategic directions—redressing relationships with historically marginalized communities.

This new publication provides four focused examples about specific institutions that have worked to address the imperative to redress their relationships with historically marginalized communities. In selecting these libraries, the authors sought to emphasize institutions that had seen some success in pursuing alignment with respect to this strategic direction. Participants were identified based on an open call among ARL and CARL directors supplemented with additional institutions believed to fit the selection criteria. Two of the four institutions selected are universities (one public and one private not-for-profit) and two are national libraries: Brown University, Library and Archives Canada, the Library of Congress, and the University of Manitoba.

Download and read the issue brief “Redressing Relationships with the Historically Marginalized.”

For further information please contact Mary Lee Kennedy, executive director of ARL; Susan Haigh, executive director of CARL; or Roger Schonfeld, vice president, Organizational Strategy and Libraries, Scholarly Communication, and Museums, Ithaka S+R.