Call for Participation in the CARL-OpenAIRE Pilot Project

The OpenAIRE Task Group (part of the CARL Open Repositories Working Group) is looking for institutions to participate in a pilot project to harvest Canadian institutional repositories.

OpenAIRE is a set of services funded through the European Commission to track research outputs resulting from EC-funded projects, and to help monitor open access compliance. The CARL-OpenAIRE collaboration will involve working with OpenAIRE on a project to track Canadian-funded research outputs.

The CARL-OpenAIRE project involves the harvesting of Canadian data providers (article and data repositories, as well as Canadian journals). The metadata will be integrated into the large OpenAIRE database and enhanced through text and data mining techniques of the Canadian funders’ public grants database, and other external databases such as Crossref, to infer relationships between authors, institutions and funders. OpenAIRE will then provide a view of research outputs funded by the Tri-Agencies.

As a first step, a subset of Canadian institutional repositories will participate in a pilot project to adopt the OpenAIRE metadata guidelines version 4, in order to develop streamlined recommended practices that will assist other institutions in participating at a later stage of the project. Full details on the pilot project are available in this document.

Pilot institutions will need to commit resources (1-2 weeks of staff time) towards both technical implementation of guidelines as well as metadata curation (to ensure OpenAIRE elements are complete). In particular, pilot institutions will be undertaking the following steps:

  1. With support from the OpenAIRE Task Group, implement the OpenAIRE Guidelines Version 4
  2. Validate the repository with OpenAIRE validator and fix errors
  3. Document steps to comply with OpenAIRE and share any code developed to support compliance
  4. Share lessons learned with the Task Group and broader community

Steps 1-2 of the pilot will take place from early July 2019 to early September, while steps 3-4 will likely extend until November 2019. During this last phase, we will use the lessons learned in the pilot to develop support materials and guidance for other Canadian repositories in providing their metadata to OpenAIRE. The aim is to with institutions using different repository platforms during the pilot stage. All Canadian institutions with a repository will be invited to participate in the CARL-OpenAIRE project once the pilot is complete.

If you are interested in participating in this pilot, please contact Pierre Lasou () no later than June 28: