Call for Participants for CARL’s 2018 Librarians’ Research Institute

March 2, 2018 – The Canadian Association of Research Libraries is now accepting nominations for participants for the 2018 Librarians’ Research Institute. These participants will attend a four-day Institute at Concordia University (June 18-21, 2018), which will be geared toward taking current research skills to the next level, building upon current research interests, and making connections with other researching academic librarians, from across Canada. Participants should possess the following:

  • Some experience in research beyond the MLIS degree, such as producing a conference presentation, an article, or a research grant.
  • A foundational knowledge of research methodologies and skills, such as proposal writing, literature reviews, developing research questions, using different research methodologies, analyzing data, assessing ethical issues, etc.
  • An eagerness and openness to develop one’s own skills, share ideas with others, provide feedback and support to others’ research endeavours.
  • An interest in taking the energy and enthusiasm for research gained at the institute back to their home institution.

The Institute will include activities such as plenary sessions; panel discussions with Peer Mentors; small group discussions; small group and individual activities; individual reflection and assessment; consultations with Peer Mentors, individual writing time; peer workshops; and final presentations of work completed during the Institute. Upon completion of the Institute, participants will leave with the following:

  • A positive outlook on the possibilities for research and a recognition of the habits of mind that enable good research practices.
  • A broader understanding of librarian research processes and an awareness of the research being undertaken by librarians at Canadian libraries.
  • Connections with other academic librarians working on scholarly research projects at libraries across Canada.

Please note that this is the first bilingual edition of the LRI. Although presentations will be in English, participants will be divided into breakout groups based on their primary language, one-on-one consultations with peer mentors will be offered in both languages, all LRI materials have been translated, and French-Speaking Peer Mentors will be available to translate questions and responses.

Nomination and Application Process

Registration is limited to 30 participants. Applications from all Canadian libraries are welcome, however, priority will be given to CARL member libraries.
Registrants / participants must submit a nomination package which will include the following:

  • a current CV;
  • a short description of why the participant wishes to attend;
  • a brief outline of the research project/research question the participant is exploring, and;
  • a letter of endorsement from the Library Dean/Director.

Nomination packages should be sent to the attention of Julie Morin (), on or before March 30, 2018.

Participants will be announced and follow-up information about the Institute will be sent in the spring. Prior to attending the Institute, participants will be asked to submit a short overview of their research background, and their current research interests.

CARL members: $650
Non-members: $850

Fees include all workshop materials, breakfast, lunch, and breaks for the duration of the workshop. Travel, accommodation, and other expenses are the responsibility of the participant.

For more information, contact:

Julie Morin
Project Officer, CARL

613.482.9344 x 107