CARL Honours Lisa Goddard with Award of Merit

November 17, 2021 – The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) is pleased to present Lisa Goddard, Associate University Librarian for Advanced Research Services at the University of Victoria Libraries (UVic), with the CARL Award of Merit, which is conferred on an individual who has made an outstanding local, regional, or national contribution within an area of research librarianship and whose contribution has had broad and beneficial impact within the CARL community.

Lisa Goddard receives the Award of Merit in recognition of her leadership in advancing digital scholarship, digitization, and digital preservation initiatives, as well as in building new partnerships across interdisciplinary audiences.

Prior to assuming her current role in 2015, Ms. Goddard began developing her visionary approach to digital scholarship first as Head of Library Systems and then as Acting Associate University Librarian for Information Technology at Memorial University.

At UVic Libraries, Ms. Goddard leads the vision for the Digital Scholarship Commons (DSC), which assists faculty, students, staff, and the wider Victoria community in learning digital tools and digital research methodologies in an interdisciplinary space. Ms. Goddard was also involved in the creation of UVic’s Library Services for Grant-Funded Research Projects (Grants Menu), which has resulted in a vast array of collaborative and cross-institutional grants and grant-funded projects, collectively valued at over $5M.

Ms. Goddard has been involved in numerous research projects, most recently including the SSHRC-funded project “Research Data Management for Digitally Curious Humanists” at DHSI in Victoria. Regarding her collaboration with Ms. Goddard on the SSHRC-funded project “Improving African Futures Using Lessons from the Past,” Ann B. Stahl, a faculty member and active researcher at UVic, stated that “This was not an ‘armchair librarian’ venture – Lisa traveled to Ghana, participated in community meetings and co-delivered workshops to train Ghana’s upcoming generation of university and museum professionals.”

Ms. Goddard has also long been an advocate of the value of linked open data for research libraries and is a lead researcher with the CFI-funded “Linked Infrastructure Network for Networked Cultural Scholarship” (LINCS) project, which uses semantic web technologies to interlink Canadian research and heritage data from across the web.

“Lisa is particularly valuable as a collaborator in LINCS in that she combines the vision of what is ideally possible with a crystal-clear, unshakeable commitment to what is feasible within a particular context, which is very helpful to us in prioritizing our activities.” said Susan Brown, Kim Martin, and Deborah Stacey, LINCS Executive.

Ms. Goddard has led or contributed to the work of numerous committees and working groups, including chairing the Dataverse North Working Group, the Compute Canada RAC Expert Review Committee on HSS, and the ORCID-CA Advisory Committee, and being an active member of the CRKN/Canadiana TDR Review Committee, the CRKN Canadian Persistent Identifier Advisory Committee, the SSHRC Connections Grant Adjudication Committee, the CANARIE RDM Advisory Committee, and the CARL Repositories Working Group.

“Throughout her career, Lisa has been a trusted and respected colleague to many, fostering and mentoring a new generation of academic librarians while creating a dynamic and collegial culture of academic librarianship in Canada, with meaningful and lasting impact within the CARL community.” said Jonathan Bengtson, University Librarian at UVic.

CARL would like to congratulate Lisa Goddard on this very well-deserved award. Ms. Goddard has elected to receive the award in-person during the 2022 CARL Annual General Meeting in Toronto next spring, and we look forward to further celebrating her accomplishments at that time.