CARL Releases Insights Report from its Diversity and Inclusion Study

June 2, 2022The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) is pleased to share the final Insights Report from its Diversity and Inclusion Study, prepared by the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI Consulting).

In 2021, CARL conducted a Diversity and Inclusion Survey on behalf of 21 of its 31 member libraries. The survey was launched for anonymous participation on October 4, 2021 and ran until October 27, 2021.

CARL conducted this study to gather baseline data on the composition of personnel in CARL libraries, gauge employee feedback on current EDI initiatives, and establish a set of benchmarks against which to evaluate and measure the impact of CARL libraries’ strategies and practices with respect to diversity and inclusion. CARL aims to measure progress through the conduct of the same or a comparable study in 3-5 years time.

By collecting this data, we can better understand efforts to promote diversity and foster inclusive, safe, accessible, equitable, and respectful workplaces. This data will also help us to develop or improve specific programs, policies, and practices that support all members of the CARL community and establish objective, evidence-informed, data-driven insights to structure national and institutional diversity and inclusion action plans.

Of 3742 employees invited to participate, 1299 respondents completed the survey, providing an overall completion rate of 34.7%. Please note that a response rate of 34.7% may not accurately reflect the demographics and views of each participating CARL member library. As such, CCDI Consulting could not confidently infer generalizations that are solely focused on demographic representations.

Furthermore, findings in this report are based on the aggregate results of all 21 participating CARL member libraries and detailed analysis of each library is not provided. Each library will be facing unique circumstances and we recognize that some of the best practices reflected in this report may have been started or be in place at certain libraries. We further recognize that libraries are subject to the existing policies and practices of their parent institution, which can impact their capacity to implement the recommendations listed in the report.

CARL would like to thank participating member libraries and all participants who took the time to complete our survey.

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