CARL welcomes the Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel Report

Ottawa, November 14, 2014 – The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) welcomes the Royal Society of Canada’s Expert Panel report The Future Now: Canada’s Libraries, Archives and Public Memory, which was made available for free download and for purchase in hardcopy by the Society yesterday.

The 216-page report provides a comprehensive overview of the status of Canada’s libraries and archives, and provides 70 wide-ranging recommendations toward strengthening their future.

“CARL welcomes the attention paid by the Royal Society to our sector, shining a light on the important and rapidly evolving roles libraries and archives play within Canadian society,” said President Gerald Beasley. “We are confident that all our member institutions–which include Library and Archives Canada–are progressing in the directions recommended by the panel.”

“CARL is proud that the expert panel included a Past President and two current members of the association,” said Executive Director Susan Haigh. “The report makes many recommendations that are pertinent to our member libraries, and CARL looks forward to being fully engaged in the future discussions that this report will engender.”

CARL includes Canada’s twenty-nine largest university libraries and two federal institutions. Enriching research and higher education is at the heart of its mission. CARL promotes effective and sustainable scholarly communication, and public policy that enables broad access to scholarly information.


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Executive Director, CARL

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