CARL Announces Collaboration with Major European Open Science Initiative, OpenAIRE

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January 9, 2018. – The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) is pleased to announce the launch of an important collaboration with OpenAIRE, the European Commission funded services that support open access and open science in Europe. The aim of the collaboration is to use the OpenAIRE services to identify Canadian open access content. The work, which is part of a large 3-year, 10 million Euro project, will provide the community with a better understanding about what Canadian-funded publications are openly available, and ensure that Canada is directly engaged in discussions around the leading-edge functionalities for open science that are evolving rapidly.

This collaboration will involve working with OpenAIRE, local repositories and journals, as well as the Canadian research funders to ensure that the necessary information about authors, funders and institutions is included in the metadata of related publications. OpenAIRE will then aggregate this information into its large database, and provide analysis and different views of the subset of the content affiliated with Canadian funders or institutions. The collaboration is being coordinated by the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR), which is working towards greater alignment of repository networks across the world.

This project is part of a broader effort by CARL to strengthen and add value to the network of Canadian repositories in Canada in order to advance scholarly communications. In November 2017, CARL launched an Open Repositories Working Group that will develop a strategic agenda for repositories in Canada, which will include raising the visibility of repositories in Canada, promoting the adoption of next generation repository functionalities, and overseeing the collaboration with OpenAIRE. Given the relationship with Portage research data management services, this project will also strengthen the links between Portage and other international projects in Europe and elsewhere.

More information about this project and other activities of the CARL Open Repositories Working Group will be available soon on the CARL website.


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Lise Brin, Program Officer