CARL Releases Roadmap Towards Sustainable Scholarly Communication

OTTAWA, January 27, 2017 – The Canadian Association of Research Libraries released today a Scholarly Communications Roadmap that presents clear activities it aims to undertake to stimulate positive change towards an open, sustainable, effective and innovative scholarly communication system.

The key activities identified by CARL for action in the next few years are:

  • Increase awareness and engage stakeholders about the benefits of open access and the need for change; Promote and accelerate the adoption of open science policies;
  • Lower the economic barriers to the creation and dissemination of academic publications;
  • Promote the responsible application of impact and productivity measures for research;
  • Expand the types of research outputs that contribute to the formal scholarly communication system.

CARL recognizes that these activities will likely intersect with other local, regional and international efforts, and is committed to working with other organizations and stakeholders to achieve our objectives. This document is not intended to remain static; as the scholarly communication system evolves CARL will update this Roadmap to reflect any new characteristics and circumstances.

> Full text of English document: CARL Scholarly Communications Roadmap (PDF)
> Full text of French document: Feuille de route de l’ABRC sur la communication savante (PDF)

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Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) members include Canada’s twenty-nine largest university libraries as well as Library and Archives Canada and NRC-Knowledge Management. Enhancing research and higher education are at the heart of its mission. CARL promotes effective and sustainable scholarly communication, and public policy that enables broad access to scholarly information.

For more information:

Lise Brin, Programme Officer