The Portage Network Joins NDRIO to Continue Advancing RDM in Canada

April 01, 2021. – The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) is pleased to announce that as of today, Portage operations, including its national secretariat, are fully integrated into the New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization (NDRIO).

CARL launched Portage in 2015 to contribute to the shared stewardship of research data and to address specific gaps in national research data management (RDM) infrastructure in Canada. Initiated as a library-based network, Portage now collaborates with a broad range of stakeholders and partners locally, nationally, and internationally to build capacity and to develop services and infrastructure.

As a component of NDRIO Operations, Portage will continue to support research data management nationally through stewardship platforms, services, tools, outreach and training. Today’s announced transfer builds on an agreement between CARL and NDRIO to support Portage and research data management in Canada.

The research library community is proud to have initiated and supported the foundational work of Portage in advancing RDM best practices and national infrastructure tools and to see Portage receive support from the Government of Canada through NDRIO.

While Portage is the result of a widely distributed effort including many dedicated individuals, expert groups, and two governing committees, we would particularly like to thank Jeff Moon, the current director of Portage, and Chuck Humphry, the inaugural director, for their vision and dedicated leadership in the remarkable growth and many accomplishments Portage has made. We look forward to continued momentum in the development of RDM services, infrastructure, tools, and training in support of Canadian researchers, and the integration of these activities into the greater digital research infrastructure strategy.

About CARL: CARL is the voice of Canada’s research libraries. Our members include Canada’s 29 largest university libraries and two federal institutions. CARL enhances its members’ capacity to advance research and higher education; promotes effective and sustainable knowledge creation, dissemination, and preservation; and advocates for public policy that enables broad access to scholarly information.

Media Contacts:

Susan Haigh
Executive Director, CARL