ORWG Update – January 2022

The CARL Open Repositories Working Group (ORWG) currently has three core task groups involved in a range of  activities.

OpenAire Task Group

During summer 2021, the OpenAIRE Task Group (OTG) has released the OpenAIRE implementation documentation on CARL Collaboration with OpenAIRE, both in English and French. To build on this effort, the group worked, jointly with the Task Group for Community-Building and Engagement on a 3 sessions workshop held between October and December. Objectives were to reconnect with Canadian community, restate the importance of OpenAIRE for institutional repositories in Canada and provide guidance for participation. The OTG has also continued to work on a new service delivered by OpenAIRE, OpenORG, an online tool that help curating organization names in the OpenAIRE plateforms.

Task Group on Mapping the Repository Landscape

The Mapping the Repository Landscape Task Group has been working on developing the final report for work we’ve been doing this past year. The report, entitled “Towards a sustainable repository infrastructure in Canada: Moving towards shared infrastructure for digital collections” provides interested parties with a document that will help generate further discussion around potential approaches to national and/or regional shared repository infrastructures. We are in the final stages of the report and plan to have it out to ORWG and ARC in spring. From there we will be planning future discussion and determining whether additional documentation and consultation is necessary.

Task Group for Community-Building and Engagement

This Taskgroup collaborated with the OpenAire Taskgroup on their three successful workshops held in fall 2021. The TaskGroup has also scheduled a two-part webinar series for January/February 2022 on repository workflows. This will include a community call on workflows as well as a webinar on the Shareyourpaper tool with Joe McArthur. The TG also intends to wrap up its work by making a short series of recommendations for how CARL can continue community building efforts in the repository community.