Core Competencies for 21st Century CARL Librarians

Competency profiles have been used within many professional groups to help chart professional progress and define goals and objectives. National level statements set standards across multiple institutions.

This competencies profiles act as a guide to help librarians working in CARL libraries manage their careers, set meaningful professional development goals and align those goals with the missions of their respective organizations and can acts as a means to identify strengths and gaps in personal competencies.

Competency profiles can also be used as a compass or checklist of desirable competencies when hiring new librarians or when identifying training and development opportunities for existing librarians.

In 2017, the Core Competencies Working Group (CCWG) was struck to refresh the 2010 publication. Their objective is to review and revise the document to better reflect the current needs of the profession. This process is highly consultative – with opportunities for diverse library directors, library staff and representatives from library schools to provide feedback along the way.


Core Competencies for 21st Century CARL Librarians (2010)
Librarians as Researchers and Writers: Research Priorities for Canada’s Research Libraries (2010)
Report of the Library Education Working Group on CARL priorities for human resource capacity  (2008)
National Research Priorities Survey (2008)
Research Competencies for CARL Librarians (2007)

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