Librarians’ Research Institute

The Librarians’ Research Institute was developed to provide practicing academic librarians in Canada an opportunity to immerse themselves in sustained conversations and activities related to scholarly research, inquiry, and publishing.

Participants are provided with an intensive workshop experience, intended to take their current research projects to the next level (a conference paper to an article; an article to a larger project; several articles to a grant, etc.), as well as provide librarians with the opportunity to meet other researching librarians from across Canada.

The institute brings together five to six accomplished Canadian librarian-researchers with a proven research record and an active, sustained research agenda, the opportunity to work together as Institute Peer Mentors. The Peer Mentors develop and deliver the content to the participants and the LRI provides the opportunity to connect with other librarians doing a similar level of research in Canada.

The LRI is a means to building an infrastructure for librarian researchers across Canada and for building a community of our own researchers in CARL libraries. This infrastructure and community is built by CARL librarians for CARL librarians.


2020 Librarians’ Institute

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is with great disappointment that CARL has decided to postpone the Librarians’ Research Institute, which was scheduled to take place June 15-18 at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton.  CARL remains committed to the program and together with the University of New Brunswick and our peer mentor team, we are exploring possibilities to offer the institute in the near future.

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