CARL and CFLA publish Code of Best Practices for Navigating Copyright for Crown-Published Works

July 10, 2024  The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) is pleased to share that the document Navigating Copyright for Crown-Published Works: A Code of Best Practices for Libraries is now available on both the CARL website and CFLA website, alongside a short summary document.

This Crown copyright code was developed for libraries by a community-based writing team working with federal government employees and legal and peer reviewers. It provides a legal and practical exploration of fair dealing in the context of library stewardship activities for government publications in Canada.

While the Code is not legal advice, it provides a legally defensible model for the application of the fair dealing exception when copying, preserving, and sharing government publications. It details the relevant sections of the Canadian Copyright Act and caselaw and provides case studies that describe related projects undertaken by academic libraries.

For more information, please contact Amanda Wakaruk  directly and/or consult the slides presented on June 20 at ABC Copyright 2024.