CARL applauds the decision to restore the mandatory long-form census

Ottawa, November 6, 2015 – The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) applauds the Government of Canada’s decision to restore the mandatory long-form census.

The data obtained through the mandatory long-form census constitute a vital source of information that is essential for sound evidence-based policy-making at all levels of government. Moreover, researchers rely on these data to produce credible social, historical, and scientific research about all aspects of life in Canada. These data are a public good that must be fostered.

CARL members recognize not only the value of long-form census data for research on current issues, but also the increasing importance of that data over time for demonstrating changes and trends. The reinstatement of the long-form census is a crucial decision to ensure the continued collection of reliable information about the Canadian population.

“Research libraries were extremely concerned about the cancellation of the mandatory long-form census and the impact on matters critical to policy development and our understanding of Canadian society,” said CARL President Martha Whitehead, Vice-Provost and University Librarian, Queen’s University. “We commend the government of Canada’s decision to reinstate this critical data source.”

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